When we meet, we have a signup sheet for the raffle of “THE GAME CAFÉ $1.00 BOARD GAMING CLUB “held at the end of each season it goes like this:

It will cost you $1.00 to play in the “THE GAME CAFÉ $1.00 BOARD GAMING CLUB “each Thursday night you are there to play in the club, one entry for the $1.00. There is a signup sheet for keeping track of your entries into the raffle drawing, and the end of the season. You get one entry point for just showing up and playing board games with other club members. You get a ¼ point entry for each opponent you beat when you win a game, times by the number of hours it took to play the game, rounded up to the nearest hour you played, and game named. When all those dollars add up to $50.00+, the season ends, and we have the drawing for the store credit of $50.00+. We also award the Wil Whea9en Award for the most winning points this season of “THE GAME CAFÉ $1.00 BOARD GAMING CLUB “. Other players that do not want to pay the $1.00, you can play games for free in the other game room, but not with club members.

September 16, 2021.


This was 1st week of Season 48.


We had 7 players show up to play board games at the “$1.00 BOARD GAMING CLUB” on this Thursday night gaming on two tables.      


On table one


We started a 4-player game of “On Mars” that was won by Aaron P. Great win Aaron.  Mike said this is one of the most complicated game that he has I have ever played.   


We then went on to play a four-player game of “Camel Up” that was a fun little game that Steven brought. That was won by Steven as we say if the teacher wins it was a poor teach.


On table two


They played two 3-player games of “Three Player Chess”,  one won by Noah and the other won by Mark.


The night belongs to Noah, Mark, Aaron P. and Steven.


The players that got their but kicked were Mike, Katt, and Tanner. They get to pick the first games they want to play next Thursday night.  Mike will be bringing “Dark Ages: Holly Roman Empire” because Steven says he likes Duds on a Map.  Mike will also bring “Dwellings of Eldervale” another Duds on a Map game.


Now for the 1st week of Season 48, running for the Wil Wheaton Award, Aaron P. 1st with 3 points, Steven is in 2nd with .75 points, Noah and Mark are tied for 3rd with .5 points.


We awarded the Wil Wheaton Award for Season 47 to Aaron P. he also won the $52.00 in the random drawing in store credit.


I know some of you guys read this dripple. I would like to know your thoughts of the games you played, your likes, and dislikes, what you would like to change about playing games of Thursday nights. What kind of tournaments would you like to see played, etc. This paragraph will stay in weekly until I get a lot more responses, from the players here, please.


Robert is, in charge of tournaments, the next tournament is? Mike would like a “Catan” tournament still.


On the September 23, 2021

Bring in games you want to play. Other than that, ask on this thread about a game you would like to play but do not have, or want to learn, let us know on the form, and if anybody has it, and most likely willing to teach you. We are a good friendly board gaming group of players. Hope to see you there at the:

Play is from 5pm to 11pm.

Game Café
107 West Lexington
Independence, MO. 64050

Mike George

I'm not suggesting a straight up clone, there are so many ways BGG can be improved on. But some overlapping features are needed. The key thing is to get publishers to post the same game downloads/content here as there; BGG being the only source, and requiring am account to access it, is a big problem.  My next priority would be a trade system, but I'm probably in a minority wanting that as a priority (but it would be relatively easy to build a.much better trading system than the one at BGG)

I do promote BGA all the time; but growth here feels slow, and I most definitely still need to visit BGG to research a game except for price.

From what I understand Cardboard Edison is one of, if not the best resource out there for this kind of thing.

The question is whether the people here at BGA want to become an alternative to BGG. A straight up BGG clone but without the "hostile and politicized" climate is probably not going to take off. People can just go to BGG, and until a critical mass of people are bothered by the things that are bothering you about BGG, most people aren't going to leave if the functionality of the site is the same. IMO, BoardGameAtlas needs to differentiate itself from BGG in order to actually thrive. BGG has cornered the market in what it does.

In terms of what we can do - I'm assuming that populating the wiki-style game pages with good information is helpful, as is reporting bugs and discussing feature requests, and I'm guessing that any good publicity for the site (i.e. spreading the word about the site and its cool features) is appreciated.

Oh cool even better. Thank you for the suggestion.


If you make it in, they can play it online, no printing needed. It's free, no account and no signup. You give them a link, they jump in and learn the game with you. Or, give them a copy of the file, they can make a room and play whenever they want.

So what your saying is they can print for themsleves like I did a try it? haha

Thanks I'll take a look!

FINALLY was able to get some decent gaming in this past week. Work/life/everything has kept me from the table (all good things though!).

  • #Too Many Bones - took the plunge and played with two Gearlocs (Gasket and Nugget) and had a blast! I forgot how much I love this game. Just a pure fun with saucy combos. Two Gearlocs is a lot to handle if you havent played in a while though lol. 
  • #Friday - been playing this at lunch when I need some down time and I love it! Finally won for the first time last week, very satisfying!
  • #Sprawlopolis - same as Friday, play it at lunch but I havent won ever! Great game though. 
  • #El Grande Big Box @ 4 players - FINALLY played this one and loved it. Man is it clean and mean. Very fun interaction and frustration that came from this!
  • #The Climbers @ 4 players - finished off the night with this lovely little guy. I have really only played this game with non-gamers and I think I prefer that. It went a little long with my gaming friends!

Looks like it needs a 9x9 grid, a deck of square tiles, two decks of cards, and a few other details. You could make it in so that people could try it. You could also teach them if you got together in Discord, or some other voice/video service. I wrote a get-started article recently:

How to Create a Game with (No Programming Needed!)

Ok cool. Make sense. Not sure if the tile mechanics can work with PNP. But it's worth trying, thanks.

New deals added, including:

Terra Mystica: Merchants of the Seas ~$28, save 44%

Pipeline ~$49, save 30%

Maracaibo ~$60, save 20%

Funkoverse: Game of Thrones 100 ~$25, save 36%

Sorry.  PNP = Print aNd Play.  So  you would provide a pdf or jpg of the components a person would need to play your game and they could then print the game off at home to play/try themselves.  Hope that helps. 

Thank you.

Will do.

What is a PNP version?

The only thing I can think of is reaching out to someone like Jamey Stegmaier from Stonemaier Games to get some advice.  His youtube channel has lots of advice around game design and publishing that you might find useful.

You might want to look at getting the game registered on Board Game Geek's page.  Maybe providing some rules and a PNP version would be a good way to generate some buzz around your game and that might also help to attract some publishers attention.

Good luck with your game.

I don't have an answer for you but wanted to give you a thumbs up for putting yourself out there.   

Lots of people have game design ideas but never take them anywhere so good for you!

If you are looking for winners and losers then those games definitely won't do it for you. 

But that would also apply to any game where you are trying to get a high score.  For a lot of those you win to a varying degree and never really lose.

Really it just depends what you are going for in your games.  

Played Innovation

Played at Home with 2 players.

First and second play. First game we played a few rules incorrectly. But was a closer game
Played Innovation

Played at Home with 2 players.

First and second play. First game we played a few rules incorrectly. But was a closer game
Played LAMA Dice

Played at Home with 3 players.

First and second play. Steph busted past 40 both games
Played LAMA Dice

Played at Home with 3 players.

First and second play. Steph busted past 40 both games

Played at Umma house.

Wasp (Aggression) vs. Wrecking Crew; Expert

Trash Pandas is actually pretty good, but seems a bit short with 4 players - almost like it would be better with a doubled deck.

Thanks for compiling these!

Played at Umma house with 2 players.

Free People Ring victory

Never in Canada :-(

Love the expansion, we used the witches as it's a super easy addition but we didnt use the extra ingredient.

Thanks. I had no idea there was a game about #Trash Pandas or #Sriracha The Game, not going to actually buy either but I got a kick out of those.

I am with theDL, sounds like you just need to stay away from party games and/or cooperative games. Lots of people try and avoid cutthroat competitive stuff, sounds like you need to do the opposite of that.

Good point. I guess that is what it is, there is no real losing (unless you fail miserably), everything is just on a scale of how well you do. I feel like I need more refined stakes and I should give credit to the titles mentioned that they do try to incorporate clearer hurdles of victory or defeat.

One game in this week - better than last week!

#Roll Player

Well party games are certainly more about the experience than about the winning, and those that you mentioned are party games or at least close to that. Of course most co-op games also have the possibility for all of the players to lose - is that what you mean?